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Isabella is blind. Help her experience her Opera House.
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Help open your Opera House to all children

Your gift today helps open your Opera House to every Australian child, no matter what challenges they face.


YES, I want to help open the Sydney Opera House to all children!

Help overcome disability, disadvantage, and distance so no child misses out. Your gift will:

  • Subsidise ticket costs for disadvantaged school students.
  • Include children with disability, such as vision, hearing, mobility, or neurological impairment.
  • Connect with children across regional Australia through our free online programs.

Every donation makes a difference. With more, we can do more.

Your donation is tax-deductible in Australia.

Click above to donate now.
Or complete this donation form and email to
Or call us on +61 2 9250 7077

Here are some of the ways you make a difference:

  • For every $500 you give, a class of children with mobility, hearing, or vision impairment can tour the Opera House, with a guide trained to cater to their needs. 
  • For every $1,000 you give, a class of disadvantaged students can seen a performance and take a a tour. Many of them have never been to the Opera House before! 
  • For every $1,500 you give, families with disabled children can come together for a live children’s show with special services so they can all enjoy the same experience.
  • $2,500 means children can experience Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ stories through tours, hands-on activities, and performances, either on our stages or online in their homes.
  • $5,000 brings to life for children how the Opera House was built and how they can combine science and art creatively to explore and understand their world, onsite and online.
  • And with more, we can do so much more. For example, with $10,000 or more we can create new ways to take the Opera House and its experiences online to children and students in their homes and schools across regional and remote Australia. 

Together, we can make sure Sydney Opera House is a place for every child. 

Each year, the Opera House must raise all funds itself for its children’s programs. We need generous people like you to help.

Please, make your gift today.

Disability - Isabella's story

Isabella is a bright, vivacious, five year old – and congenitally blind.  Her first visit to the Sydney Opera House was as exciting and fulfilling for her as it is for you and me, thank to our donor-supported program for children with disability. Learn more or donate now.

Disadvantage - Serenity's story

Serenity lives in outer Sydney. On her first visit, she was amazed how big the Opera House is - because she had never seen it in person.  She got to experience the Sydney Opera House because her school was able to visit, thanks to our donor-supported program for disadvantaged students. Learn more or donate now.

Distance - Emily's story

Emily's school is 11 hours from the Opera House. Her students are among thousands of Australian children who live in regional and remote Australia. Many of these children may never get to visit their Opera House. We can bring the the magic of the Opera House right into their homes and schools, thanks to our donor-supported program of free online creative learning. Learn more or donate now.


Your gift is tax-deductible.

Your gift of $2 or more is tax-deductible in Australia (ABN 69 712 101 035). For international tax-deductible gifts, please contact us.

Prefer to make your gift by phone?

Call us on +61 2 9250 7077 (9am - 5pm) or +61 2 9250 7777 (after hours).

Prefer to make your gift by email or mail?

Download and complete your gift form and email it to or mail it to "Sydney Opera House Philanthropy, Reply Paid 4274, Sydney NSW 2011, Australia" - no stamp needed in Australia!

Your account details and password

When you make your gift you will be asked to sign into your Opera House account or Register. If you don't know your account details or have forgotten your password, please click here.

Your Opera House. For now. For ever. For everyone. 

Thank you to our family of donors.

You play a vital role in making sure the Opera House is is open to everyone in our community, now and into the future.