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Wilay Giilang (Possum Story) Exhibition A school community project

29 - 30 June 2024

Bianca Caldwell presents Wilay Giilang meaning 'possum story' in Wiradjuri - a community sharing exhibition of traditional woven toys and animals made by primary school students.

A special student exhibition to celebrate NAIDOC week

Bookended by Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC week, Bianca Caldwell, presents Wilay Giilang meaning possum story in Wiradjuri (Western NSW). Following a series of workshops making traditional woven toys and animals, students from Redfern Jarjum College and Lindfield Learning Village present their works in the Centre for Creativity. 

As a child Bianca played with toys that were woven in traditional handcrafted techniques. As Bianca developed into an artist, she was taught these techniques and now passes them on to her children and community, sharing them in school and community workshops across Sydney. 

Across two workshops with Bianca, students from Redfern Jarjum College and Lindfield Learning Village learnt about traditional weaving techniques and knowledge to create totems inspired by the traditional lands of their school. Students used wool and natural materials like sticks and raffia, to construct the component parts of different animal bodies and collaborated with peers and as a class to create large-scale animals.

Presented by Sydney Opera House

Meet the artist

Aunty B - Bianca Caldwell

I’m a proud Wiradjuri Woman from Narromine based in Sydney. I started Wiradjuri Dreaming in January 2019, started running workshops and doing murals. I have been working for the Department of Education since 2017 and still currently as an Aboriginal Community Officer. I've started to spread my wings and start working with early childhood educators to help facilitate Aboriginal learning in preschool environments. Some of the activities I do with the students are ochre paint, painting, sand art, symbols, weaving, storytelling, and totems to give all children the opportunity to have a hands-on experience.

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