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Yellowface with Rebecca F. Kuang Term 1

11 - 22 March 2024

On-Demand Digital Talk | Stages 4 - 6

Celebrate International Women’s Day in your classroom with this on demand talk from the Sydney Opera House All About Women Festival.

On the heels of her satirical sensation Yellowface crushing the bestseller lists, join Rebecca F. Kuang as she takes on the complexities of diversity, racism and cultural appropriation today – both through her own eyes and those of her latest protagonist Juniper Hayward.


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The satire cultural appropriation had to have

The novel Yellowface by Rebecca F. Kuang is a worldwide “zeitgeist” publishing sensation. When June Hayward's friend, the bestselling author Athena Liu, dies in a freak accident, June acts quickly - and steals Athena's manuscript about Chinese labourers. She doesn't exactly pretend to be Asian-American but she certainly doesn't correct anyone who mistakes her background, either. Brimming with dark humour and vindictive characters with dubious morals (so just like real life), Kuang’s smart and sardonic commentary has everyone asking questions. Who gets to profit off our hunger for cultural diversity? Do people with marginalised identities have to commodify family and personal trauma to make it big? 

Join this conversation with Rebecca F. Kuang and Nakkiah Lui to explore a world capitalising on race and the complexities behind who gets to tell what stories.

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