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A white ceramic bowl with black ornate edge pattern holding spiced chickpea stew with coconut and turmeric on a tabletop. Five smaller bowls surround the edge of frame holding ingredients.
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The recipes that made her famous: Alison Roman’s internet-breaking meals

From the flavourful Spiced Chickpea Stew with Coconut and Turmeric to the legendary Salted Butter and Chocolate Chunk Shortbread, Alison Roman’s simple but oh-so-delicious creations have amassed millions of shares, likes, and followers around the world.

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Your Liane Moriarty-inspired stories brought to life

To celebrate Liane Moriarty's chat with Anabelle Crab on Stream, available now on-demand, we asked for your best Moriarty-inspired story ideas... and you delivered. Here are our three winners, brought to life by a roster of talented illustrators.

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Mother tongues and minor feelings

Recipient of the Antidote and Sweatshop Mentorship for Diverse Emerging Writers Joyce Chew on family, language and the “glittering visage of the Australian ‘fair go’”.

Buildings up in smoke from 9/11.
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There’s a bomb in my closet

Adrian Mouhajer, recipient of the Highly Commended award as part of Antidote's Mentoring Program for Emerging Writers from Diverse Backgrounds, writes about the complexities of being queer, Arab and Muslim in Australia 20 years after 9/11.

A crowd of people in masks with a sign titled 'Stop Asian Hate'.
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Now you see us

Recipient of the Antidote and Sweatshop Mentorship Program for Diverse Emerging Writers Patricia Arcilla writes about the “tidiness” of #StopAsianHate in the face of deeper systemic problems.

A person holding a poster with a frog on.
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Soul-searching with Pepe the Frog

In the final piece out of the Antidote and Sweatshop Writing Mentorship, Tiffany Fong looks at the dangerous, cult-like appeal of the alt-right to a generation seeking community and meaning.

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Annabel Crabb on Australia’s parenthood trap

Following Annabel Crabb’s live talk at the Opera House, read an extract from her Quarterly Essay ‘Men at Work: Australia’s Parenthood Trap’.

Professor Megan Davis, Ta-Nehisi Coates & Sisonke Msimang speaking at Antidote festival 2018 at the Sydney Opera House
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Little Country Syndrome

Why does Australia look abroad for solutions to our racial anxieties? For Antidote 2018, Nayuka Gorrie reflected on the work of Ta-Nehisi Coates

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The education conversation Australia has to have

Finnish educator and author Pasi Sahlberg writes on the chasm of inequality that exists in the Australian school system.

A woman in a black top, hand on her hip standing in front of an empty red theatre.
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Watch highlights from Nigella Lawson’s talk: Home cooking, community and #MeToo

Watch the celebrity chef talk home cooking, community and #MeToo.

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Escaping reality with Yeonmi Park


The first in our series deconstructing the people and the movements that made them as part of Antidote, the Opera House's newest festival of ideas, art & action.

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The best writing about the world we’re now living in

Edwina Throsby, Head of Talks & Ideas, on reading thoughtfully during the pandemic

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All About... Jo Dunkley

One of the youngest female astrophysics professors on the planet, Jo Dunkley's knowledge is out of this world.

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Cheat sheet: Christopher Wylie

What don’t they want us to know? These are the questions to ask.

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Read up on: David Sedaris

A savant of razor-sharp and sardonic wit - don’t miss this evening with one of the world’s pre-eminent humour writers.

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Dancing with Zadie Smith

Sisonke Msimang on the playful call and response of the British writer