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An evening with Danielle Alvarez and Libby Travers

10 November 2023

In the Yallamundi Rooms

Talks & Ideas

Celebrating the launch of Danielle’s latest cookbook co-authored with Libby, Recipes for a Lifetime of Beautiful Cooking. Don’t miss this chance to indulge in the world of Danielle and Libby, both renowned for their cooking expertise and inspiring narratives.

Guests will be treated to a journey featuring canapes and a selection of small dishes inspired by the book.

Guests will be treated to a journey featuring canapes and a selection of small dishes inspired by the book. Paired with regional wines from female upcoming winemakers.

The evening will unfold in the sophisticated Yallamundi Rooms, a fitting setting for a relaxed cocktail style event where guests will get to meet the authors in person, hearing their stories and enjoying their food. In conversation with Joanna Savill, Danielle and Libby will share with you their inspiring stories, while presenting a selection of dishes straight from the pages of their cookbook. It’s an evening designed for those who appreciate the art of beautiful cooking and the stories behind it.

Your ticket also includes canapés, a sample of small dishes, dessert and three glasses of wine.

Presented by Trippas White Group

Meet the speakers

Danielle Alvarez

Danielle Alvarez, an acclaimed Australian chef, draws inspiration for her farm-to-table cuisine from a rich culinary heritage spanning the US and Australia. Raised in a food-loving Cuban American family, she honed her skills under her mother and grandmother’s guidance before embarking on a professional culinary journey. Danielle’s culinary prowess was refined in esteemed establishments like Napa’s French Laundry, San Francisco’s Boulettes Larder, and Berkeley’s Chez Panisse, particularly under the mentorship of Alice Waters. In Australia, she made waves as the visionary force behind Paddington’s Fred’s, earning numerous accolades and cementing its status as a beloved and lauded eatery. Danielle is the author of ‘Always Add Lemon,’ a columnist for Good Weekend Magazine, and co-hosts ‘The Good Food Kitchen’ alongside Adam Liaw. In 2022, after six years at Fred’s helm, Danielle pivoted to align her culinary endeavours with her core values, with her second cookbook, ‘Recipes for a Lifetime of Beautiful Cooking’.

Libby Travers

Libby Travers is a food writer and commentator who has worked alongside some of Australia's best chefs, producers and wholesalers for more than two decades. A history student, her interest in food particularly focuses on its place in a country’s culture and customs - with a soft spot for all things French. Fortunate to have three wonderful locations jostling for the title “home”, she continues the search for good food, wine and bonheur between Provence, Crete and Australia. Author of MEAT, The Ultimate Companion and 20 Years of Icebergs, this is Libby’s third book, with a fourth underway.

Joanna Savill

Joanna Savill is a food journalist, event creator and host with a long career in the Australian and international culinary scene. A huge fan of both Danielle and Libby - and their work - she is delighted to be joining them to chat about the book, the philosophy behind it and of course, the recipes! Expect some special insights and maybe even a few secrets…

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