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UnWrappedNew Mountainby Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig

15 September 2024

In the Studio


A multi-channel video work performed in real time, exploring our complex relationship with the environment, accompanied by a live soundtrack from Australian sound artists.

A poetic, cinematic exploration of sound and landscape

New Mountain is a poetic three-channel video artwork by Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig, performed in real time across four chapters, each in collaboration with some of Australia’s most accomplished sound artists.

The work considers our place in complex ecologies, through movement-based mediative practice and the exploration of various landscapes, amidst threads of deep time.  A captivating live soundtrack from Gail Priest, Chris Caines, Benjamin Ward and Tilman Robinson shifts from deep atmospheric echoes of the cosmos, through haunting resonant reflections of the landscape, to the dense electrical chaos of the machine age.

The structure of New Mountain draws on the history of expanded cinema, with the multi channel presentation allowing the audience to drift between cinematic visual moments that map physical and emotional terrain. 

Meet the artists


Peachey and Mosig

Rachel Peachey
Paul Mosig
Gail Priest
Chris Caines
Benjamin Ward
Tilman Robinson

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