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UnWrappedPlagiaryby Alisdair Macindoe

12 - 14 September 2024

In the Studio

Plagiary is a dance performance experiment that employs artificial intelligence as choreographer, generating an entirely new show before your eyes in collaboration with 10 live contemporary dance improvisors.

What happens when artificial intelligence is calling the creative shots?

Constructed by multi-award-winning dance technologist and choreographer Alisdair Macindoe, Plagiary hands creative decision-making over to artificial intelligence in a unique dance performance experiment.

A new show is improvised each night from scratch, as ten exceptional contemporary dancers become vessels for unpredictable directives, dictated by a computer voice presence. Acclaimed media artist Sam Mcgilp crafts new visual worlds of AI video for every performance.

Plagiary cracks open a space to deepen our knowledge of embodiment. It champions the human body as one of the final entities untouched by artificial intelligence.  

The audience is invited to delve further into this collaboration between human and machine. Follow the AI prompts via an onstage screen displaying the text that directs the performance. Or wear custom glasses to mask the text – the choice is yours.

Presented by Insite Arts and Sydney Opera House Presents

Meet the artist

Cast and credits

Concept, Direction, Choreography, Text, Coding, Sound Design And Set Design
Alisdair Macindoe

Video Design, Image Design and Coding
Sam Mcgilp

Software Development, Head Coder
Chris Chua

Costume Design, Prop Design
Andrew Treloar

Lighting Design
Amelia Lever-Davidson

Prodution Management
Zsuzsa Gaynor Mahaly

Penelope Leishman, Insite Arts

Sam Beazley
Franky Drouisoti
Joel Fenton  
Josh Freedman 
Allie Graham
Tara Hodge
Grace Lewis
Siobhan Lynch     
Frances Orlina
Sam Osborn

Other information

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