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Tours & Experiences

Choose the tour type that suits you


Onsite, architectural, mobility and food tours

Explore the halls and foyer spaces of the Sydney Opera House and learn what makes this building a World Heritage-listed masterpiece. With four different House tours, there is something to discover for everyone.


Take a tour beyond the stage or after dark

Follow the footsteps of your favourite performers in the Beyond the Stage tour or prepare for stories, shivers and scares in The House After Dark experience.

Kids Tours

Adventure tours and day packs

Take your little adventurer on a magical tour of the Sydney Opera House with interactive activities and games the whole family will enjoy. Or see a show, jump on a tour and fill their hungry tummies with one of our day packs.

Schools Tour

Tours in Terms 1 - 4

Our Sydney Opera House guided tour tailored for school students years K - 12 explores the stories, history and magic of the world-famous sails.