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Life Drawing and Opera with Anney Bounpraseuth and Opera Australia

3 March 2024

In the Centre for Creativity


Become an active spectator in this opera-themed life drawing workshop featuring a professional Opera singer from Opera Australia performing and posing in a variety of costumes accompanied by a live pianist in the Centre for Creativity!

Be inspired by drawing Opera

Combining the drama of the opera with observant eyes of a visual artist, this workshop will transport you to the theatre. Led by visual artist Anney Bounpraseuth alongside an opera singer from Opera Australia, listen to arias as you draw your way across the texture, drapery and detail of the opera costume on display.

Not only will you be guided on how to bring the human form to life through drawing, you will have a performing, costumed opera singer as your muse along with a live pianist in a theatrical setting to inspire you. Whether you are an advanced drawer seeking access to a unique model or a beginner looking for new sensory pleasures, you will experience opera and art like never before.

Presented by Sydney Opera House


Anney Bounpraseuth

Anney Bounpraseuth is an Australian-born artist of Laotian heritage who reinterprets matriarchal traditions through painting, textiles, and sculpture to assert self-determined identity.

Bounpraseuth describes her kitsch, vivid and intensely patterned aesthetic as Cabracadabra or ‘South East Asian mum-style’ in honour of her mother Chockeo who came from Laos to Australia as a refugee migrant, raising her family in Cabramatta, a suburb of South West Sydney. Bounpraseuth cites her mother's clashing wardrobe and interior decorating style with fake flowers, imitation antiques and mismatched textiles as her main artistic influence.

Bounpraseuth has been featured on ABC TV and iView, ABC Radio National, FBI Radio’s Canvas program and Frankie Magazine. In 2019, she was a finalist for the Hidden Rookwood Sculpture Exhibition and Prize. She has presented in various galleries across NSW with solo exhibitions at Fairfield City Museum and Art Gallery and Bankstown Arts Centre. In 2018, she curated the February ARTBAR at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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