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An animation of a woman meditating.

Meditation and Creativity with Dr Nadine Cameron and SnowBorne

24 June & 29 July 2023

In the Centre for Creativity | Workshops

Explore a state of creative awareness, the self and reality in this series of meditative, interactive events with Dr Nadine Cameron and musician SnowBorne (David Rosa).

Creativity takes courage.

Henri Matisse

Meditation and Sound

Saturday 24 June

This workshop will focus on the different effects that deep listening to different kinds of music as well as atmospheric and manufactured sounds can have on our mood, and how pre-existing concepts and associations that we bring to listening affect what we hear. The purpose of this session is to encourage people to have a richer engagement with what they choose to (or are forced to!) hear.

Meditation and Interpersonal engagement

Saturday 29 July

Drawing on the concept of metta, and the practice of insight dialogue, this session will examine ways that we can share the meditation experience with others. One part of the session includes participants engaging in deep, rich discussions with a person with whom they are paired. The purpose of this session is to show how meditation can encourage a more creative approach to listening and engaging with others.

Presented by Sydney Opera House


Meet the artists

Dr Nadine Cameron

Dr Nadine Cameron is an academic, counsellor, meditation teacher and performer with a deep interest in the impact of language, music, community and conceptual frameworks on wellbeing. She and her creative partner, SnowBorne, introduced the concept of meditative storytelling in an event at the Melbourne Writers Festival.

David Rosa (SnowBorne)

David Rosa [aka SnowBorne] is a writer, and composer/musician working across various genres.

Other information

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