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Amira Medunjanin Songs from the Heart

5 March 2024

In the Utzon Room

Classical Music

Amira Medunjanin and Antonio Vrbički's "Songs from the Heart" is a mesmerising musical collaboration, blending Medunjanin's soulful vocals with Vrbički's evocative accordion, creating a rich tapestry of emotive melodies.

Sevdah: Bosnian emotional music; Amira Medunjanin epitomizes its soul

Amira Medunjanin, a renowned Bosnian vocalist, has become synonymous with the "Sevdah" genre, emotive and timeless love songs originating from the Balkans. Amira's interpretations breathe life into Sevdah's soulful narratives, capturing the essence of love, longing, and melancholy, inviting listeners into the enchanting world of Balkan musical heritage. 

Blending Amira's soul-stirring vocals with Antonio's masterful accordion artistry, the duo creates a mesmerising journey through emotive storytelling and cultural richness. "Songs from the Heart" is a musical experience that transcends cultural boundaries. Together, they delve into Sevdah's rich heritage, infusing traditional elements with contemporary nuances, captivating audiences worldwide. Amira Medunjanin and Antonio Vrbički stand as ambassadors, preserving and evolving the timeless beauty of Sevdah, ensuring its enduring presence in the global musical landscape.

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