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Balkan Spirit!

27 August 2023

In the Utzon Room

Classical Music

The infectious rhythms and melodies of the Balkan folk songs will form the ultimate bridge across a region, where the people lived together for centuries. Do not miss this historic concert!

Witness an expression of love like no other..!

The Balkans are a geographic area in the southeastern region of Europe. These spirited and passionate people have lived many centuries together, sharing food, language, various traditions, dance and of course, music. This makes for an infectious, fiery and exciting melting pot of sounds. As a result, we have countless common folk songs, in multiple languages.

Balkan music is easily recognisable. It has catchy rhythms, sometimes festive and uplifting, sometimes haunting and melancholy. These are songs often performed with traditional dances of each region, for every occasion.

The Ensemble will present an unforgettable and emotional feast, forming bejewelled ‘musical bridges’ with the most beloved folk songs, in all the languages, which will leave the audience, delighting, crying, overwhelmed and wanting more…    


Ayşe Göknur Shanal

Maria Custodio

Dragan Vujadinović

Guitar, bouzouki, oud, bass, bağlama
John Robinson

Adem Yılmaz

Presented by Ayşe Göknur Shanal

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