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Of the Body

5 April 2023

In the Utzon Room

Classical Music

Join the Luminescence Chamber Singers for a musical dissection as they explore the corporeal form from Orlandus Lassus to new music by Dan Walker. 

Few musical experiences compare to unaccompanied human voices. These singers showed that the voice reigns supreme in the world of music.

Canberra City News

My heart, my body, all I have

From Andreas Vesalius’ groundbreaking De Fabrica Humani Corporis’ to the drawings of Da Vinci and Dürer, the 16th century heralded a new fascination with the human figure.  Human dissection transformed our understanding of anatomy, and the body became the subject of scientific and artistic fixation.

In the spirit of Buxtehude’s much-loved ‘Membra Jesu Nostri’, Dan Walker’s new work ‘Of The Body’ is comprised of six movements, each devoted to an anatomical part: the eyes, the hands, the mouth, the feet, the blood, and finally, the heart.  In a concert that traverses sex, sensuality, the senses and more, Luminescence Chamber Singers explore what it means to be embodied in a digital age, our relationship to our corporeal form; our flesh and blood.

Luminescence Chamber Singers

                AJ America, mezzo soprano/artistic director
                Lucien Fischer, baritone
                Veronica Milroy, soprano
                Rachel Mink, soprano
                Alasdair Stretch, bass
                Dan Walker, composer/tenor
Conducted by Roland Peelman AM

Presented by Luminescence Chamber Singers

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