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5 November 2023

In the Utzon Room

Classical Music

A concert of joy and jubilation, ‘DEEPAWALI!’ is the ultimate way to celebrate light being victorious over dark forces. An unforgettable display of beauty and virtuosity, combined with magical atmosphere.

Deepawali is lights, love, unity, transcendence and more..!

Deepawali or Festival of Lights, the most popular of religious celebrations, from the Hindu tradition, which has become widely known and enjoyed, all around the world. It is a universal declaration that ‘good always triumphs over evil’. It is about new beginnings, coming together, sharing food, sharing happiness, in song, dance and fireworks. Lighting ‘diyas’ and painting ‘rangolis’.

The Ensemble of musicians enjoyed an overwhelming success, during last year’s festive season. Due to demands for a return performance, they have once again come together to curate a program for this year’s festival.

The beautifully selected works from all over the Indian Subcontinent, in multiple languages, displaying awe inspiring virtuosity, infectious beats with transcendental melodies, will have the audience joining in.


Ayşe Göknur Shanal

Naresh Jirel                                   

Regan Awale                                

Bass Guitar
David Gautam                              

Ashesh Rai                                     

Yogesh Bhandari                          

Presented by Ayşe Göknur Shanal

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