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New Letters to Esterhazy

8 August 2023

In the Utzon Room

Classical Music

New Letters To Esterhazy: an intimate sonata that depicts imaginary letters from the artist in modern-day Australia, sent back in time to musician Joseph Haydn in the 18th century.

New Letters To Esterhazy with composer-vionlinist Rupert Guenther

The New Letters To Esterhazy Sonata 1 is a set of exquisite improvisations for violin performed by the artist. Each movement depicts imaginary letters from the artist in 21st century Australia sent back in time to Austrian musician Joseph Haydn in the 18th century Austro-Hungarian court of Esterhazy.

The music of this sonata is full of sunlight, appreciation and hope, yet tenderly handles moments of despair, the winter darkness, and delicate new growth with great compassion.

Rupert Guenther is a violinist-composer, specialising in bespoke performances of his own highly evocative improvisations. His unique form of creative artistry is a highly personal response to life, just as a painter paints his pictures onto a blank canvas.


Vienna-trained composer-violinist
Rupert Guenther

Presented by Rupert Guenther

Watch violinist/composer Rupert Guenther perform an excerpt from New Letters to Esterhazy

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