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Schubert Overwritten

8 September 2023

In the Utzon Room

Classical Music

Experience the brilliance of Franz Schubert’s iconic music, harmoniously blended with captivating contemporary re-imaginings. 

Full of personality, authenticity and virtuosity


New music born from the past

Experience the daring artistry of pianist Rob Hao as he breathes new life into Franz Schubert's music, offering fresh and contemporary interpretations of his timeless compositions. Prepare to embark on a captivating musical odyssey where the enigmatic beauty of Schubert's melodies intertwines seamlessly with bold modern transformations by internationally acclaimed composers Helmut Lachenmann, Michael Finnissy and Elena Kats-Chernin.

This is a programme that traverses haunting melodies, introspective pieces, and innovative variations, effortlessly bridging classical grace with the boundless possibilities of contemporary innovation. This unique recital is a celebration of Schubert's enduring legacy, a testament to his profound influence on the musical landscape, while embracing the fearless spirit of modern musical exploration.

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to witness the convergence of tradition and contemporary vision.


Franz Schubert/Franz Liszt - Der Müller und der Bach

Helmut Lachenmann - Five Variations on a Theme by Franz Schubert (1956) 

Franz Schubert/Franz Liszt - Der Doppelgänger

Franz Schubert - Piano Sonata in f-sharp minor, D. 571 (unfinished fragment)

Rob Hao - Palimpsest 571 (2022)

Elena Kats-Chernin - The Schubert Blues (1996)

Franz Schubert - Piano Sonata in C major, ‘Reliquie’, D. 840

Michael Finnissy - Vervollständigung von Schuberts D. 840 (2017)


Rob Hao


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