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The Sydney 2023 Winner’s Recital

28 July 2023

At Verbrugghen Hall | Classical Music

Be the first to hear the recently awarded 2023 First Prize winner in their debut recital. Accolades will be flowing for this new star of the world’s concert stages. 

Debut Sydney concert of the 2023 Winner

32 young pianists have travelled from around the global to compete in one of the world’s most prestigious piano competitions, but there can be only one winner.  Having played their way through the Preliminaries to the Semi Finals with chamber musicians and to the Grand Finals with orchestra the newly crowned victor of the 2023 Sydney International Piano Competition will give their debut recital in Sydney.

Part of the excitement is not knowing who will be playing nor what they will be playing, but what is guaranteed is that this person will be the crème de la crème of young pianists launching themselves into the limelight having won The Sydney 2023. Be the first to hear them play!

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