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Circling Time - Songs and Stories by Kutcha

7 July 2023

In the Utzon Room | Contemporary Music

Celebrate NAIDOC week with renowned songman, Kutcha, as he returns to perform his new album Circling Time. The performance takes you on a journey with stories from his incredible life, that segue so eloquently into each mesmeric song lifting your spirit. At the heart of it, Kutcha’s music is pure soul.

Creating cultural, generational and spatial connections through music

Kutcha has been prolifically combining songwriting and activism since 1991. Joining Koori group Watbalimba was the beginning of Kutcha’s remarkable career leading to his creative output in other formidable groups, Blackfire and The Black Arm Band. Kutcha is now a multi award winning solo artist combining his ‘Bidgee’ blues with traditional songs of people and country, drawing on personal experiences to help his audience understand themselves, reconnect with their culture and promote cultural understanding.

Garnering critical acclaim, Kutcha’s captivating new album Circling Time, is inspired by his experiences as a survivor of the Stolen Generations and his proud Mutti Mutti heritage. Kutcha’s single, Singing Up Country, is a powerful ballad highlighting his connection to family, ancestors and the land.

Kutcha has recently been nominated for a Music Victoria Award for his album Circling Time for Best Soul Funk RnB or Gospel Work, the Australian Music Prize in 2022, and has been invited to be a Keynote Speaker at a plethora of Aboriginal events including the Aboriginal Health Conference and Parliament.

Told through remarkable songs and stories, this show offers a cultural experience for audiences who will be enriched with a broader understanding of Aboriginal culture and the lasting impact of historical injustices. Kutcha’s music touches the soul and through his humour and insights we realise that with recognition of the true Aboriginal history, there can be hope of reconciliation.


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