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30 August - 3 September 2023

In the Studio


What happens when your usual defences are challenged? Do you stay and fight? Who do you trust? What happens when you are taken out of your comfort zone and you lose control? 

Exposed, directed by Michelle Ryan, is an evocative work exploring vulnerability, uncertainty and risk through movement, design, and music. Be taken on a journey where the breath is a metaphor for feeling threatened or safe, agitated or calm, and the sonic possibilities of breath are entwined into the mesmerising score. 

“Only when we let ourselves be vulnerable – exposed – that people can see who we really are” Hilary Kleinig

Exposed explores the intimacies that constitute our lives, our actions, our thoughts, our traumas, our desires, our failures. 

Performed by a superb cast of seven diverse Restless dancers, with an evocative score by Hilary Kleinig and Emily Tulloch (Zephyr Quartet), stunning lighting and set design by Geoff Cobham, Exposed is expressive, somewhat haunting, mysterious, and gracefully performed.

Director Michelle Ryan says “It is my response to the feeling of vulnerability – a powerful standing up for oneself. Most of us are free to make choices about what parts of our life we keep private and what is public. But for some, this choice is often not so straight forward. We need to rely on others, sometimes strangers to help us with moments in life that we might take for granted. And if we are lucky, we will have people around us who we trust. Trust is built slowly over time, relinquishing ourselves to the hands of others.

With our backs to the wall, creating edges and boundaries, we build a community around us to keep our fragility protected. It is when we feel safe enough to let our guards down, we can show the little pieces of ourselves that are our most personal. To be brave, yet vulnerable, is when we feel safe and not exposed.”

Exposed turns intangible emotions and numerous experiences of vulnerability into a cohesive and beautiful dance show. It explores its themes deeply and fully through layered choreography and their exceptional dancers. 



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Artist information

Director and Choreographer 
Michelle Ryan

Assistant Director  
Larissa McGowan

Musical Score
Hilary Kleinig
Emily Tulloch

Lighting Design
Geoff Cobham

Costume Design 
Renate Henschke

Creative Prodcuer 
Roz Hervey

Photo Credit 
Shane Reid

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