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First Nations

A man in a black shirt and long hair standing underneath wooden construction work.
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Learning from Country: An Indigenous design perspective

Wailwan/Kamilaroi man Jefa Greenaway was the first Indigenous architect to be registered in Victoria. Speaking as part of Antidote panel Resetting the World, Greenaway writes on why it's more critical than ever we infuse Indigenous perspectives into our design thinking.

Women in sand pit performing indigenous dance in the Homeground of Sydney opera house.
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No Aboriginal disadvantage

Aboriginal culture can be part of Australia's shared strength, says SOH's head of First Nations Programming Rhoda Roberts.

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Exposing the fallacy of circus ‘showmen’

Debunking the myth of circus showmen ahead of Opera House original production Natives Go Wild. Learn the truth of a business that coerced and scammed First People, who were put on display and forced to perform.

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“Rebirth and resurrection”

Who better to help reopen the heart of the Opera House than William Barton? The celebrated Kalkadunga musician estimates he has played the venue over 300 times. This week, with clapsticks made from wood salvaged from the stage, he'll perform with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in a triumphant return to the Concert Hall.

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Deborah Mailman on Rhoda Roberts’ “remarkable” 16 years at the Sydney Opera House

Few people have had as much influence on what takes place in these hallowed halls as Rhoda Roberts. This month, she finishes her incredible stint at the Opera House. We spoke to actress and Trustee Deborah Mailman about Robert's everlasting impact.

A woman with short blonde hair next to a man with a wrinkled appearance hand resting on his face.
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Katie Noonan pens tribute to legendary First Nations poet

Read her letter celebrating three powerful Queensland women.

The sails of the Sydney opera house lit in a colourful pattern for Vivid live event.
2016 Lighting the Sails, Songlines, at Vivid Sydney. Artwork by Karla Dickens
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Watch all Lighting of the Sails from the past decade

The Sails have been lit with stunning artwork from the past decade, from groundbreaking visual studios to the sacred art of our First Nations people. Journey back and watch all of these artworks and learn about the creators behind them.

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Spirit of collaboration inspires ground-breaking Vivid LIVE sails artwork

Emily Nicol speaks to the creators of this year's extraordinary Vivid Lighting of the Sails artwork: the Martumili Artists, musicians Electric Fields, and creative technologists Curiious.

A woman in a white jacket against a textured colorful visual projected onto the Sydney Opera House's sails, smiling.
Badu Gili artist Pat Ansell Dodds, Sydney Opera House
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The story of Badu Gili

Meet the Indigenous artists bringing First Nations cultures to the world.

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Badu Gili’s Frances Belle Parker

We talk to Frances Belle Parker, one of the five Badu Gili artists, about her work, her motivation and how she’s used the Opera House’s sails as a blank canvas.

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Welcome to DANCE RITES 2020: a letter from Rhoda Roberts

Rhoda Roberts, Head of First Nations programming, welcomes participants and audiences to DANCE RITES 2020 from across Australia as we acknowledge the diverse ancestral lands, waterways and Sky country.

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Why NAIDOC matters

We ask some of our Opera House family – performers and artists who take centre stage during this week of celebration – to discuss this year's NAIDOC theme and to unpack why the week matters to them.

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Songlines: Behind the artwork that lit up the Opera House at Vivid LIVE 2016

Celebrating First Nations’ spirituality and culture through the songlines of our land and sky, Rhoda Roberts, Head of First Nation’s Programming at Sydney Opera House and the director of 2016’s Lighting the Sails, tells the story of songlines and why this ancient knowledge is at the core of Indigenous and Australian identity.