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Kids & Families

Upcoming classes, performances and workshops

A baby sitting on the floor playing a coloured toy xylophone.
31 Oct - 12 Dec 2023 Workshops

Baby Music Jam

Ages 0 - 2 | Open up a musical world of wonder and fun with our new music and creativity workshop for babies and toddlers.

10 Dec 2023 Kids & Families

Astronomical Crowns

Ages 7 - 11 | Create a starry headpiece inspired by the Christmas Tree Cluster constellation or a star pattern in space in this holiday workshop. 

A young boy moving toy cars within a cardboard box
19 - 21 Jan 2024 Kids & Families

Stop Motion Animation Workshop

This January school holiday to coincide with our screening of the London International Animation Festival, join Jelena Sinik to create your very own stop motion animation.

4 Feb 2024 Kids & Families

Design Your Own Dragon

Ages 7 - 11 | Inspired by Lunar New Year, you will design your own dragon in this drawing and painting workshop.

22 - 23 Jan 2024 Workshops

Dance Mania

Ages 9 - 11 | Ever dreamt of dancing on one of Sydney Opera House's world-renowned stages? Make a young dancer’s dreams come true with our special School Holiday dance experience where ballet, contemporary and hip hop collide in a beautiful dance explosion!

25 Feb 2024 Kids & Families

Costume Pardi

To celebrate Sydney Pride 2024, sustainable fashion designers Sally Jackson and Gary Bigeni will facilitate a weekend of workshops for kids and families to create unique and custom-made costumes for Mardi Gras.

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