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Opera Australia

Introducing Part One - Summer 2024

Passion and peril. Heroes and monsters. Lovers and liars. Opera is always larger than life. With the power of music, these emotion-packed stories explore the joys, frailties and yearnings which make us human.

We’re excited to bring you a thrilling summer of opera experiences, curated by one of Australia’s great opera and festival directors: Lindy Hume. This season has a big focus on Australian voices and creative talent. We’ve found them so you can hear them, see them and celebrate them. Whether they’re dazzling divas, masterful maestros or amazing acrobats, we want you to see the best.

Take an exquisite ride into the underworld with Gluck’s gorgeous music in Orpheus & Eurydice. We’ve teamed up with the virtuosic performers of Circa, one of Australia’s greatest cultural exports. The result is a spectacular fusion of acrobatics and opera exploring this timeless tale.

Australian soprano Samantha Clarke returns triumphant from some of the world’s best stages to make her Sydney Opera House debut in La Traviata, a production brand new to Sydney. This critically-acclaimed staging shines a new light on one of opera’s great tragic heroines. An opulent treat and a fresh take on an audience favourite.

Lindy Hume brings you a new production of Mozart’s epic Idomeneo. Rooted in ancient myth and exploring the best and worst of humanity, this opera is a rare treat for music lovers. The delights continue with a brand new production of The Magic Flute, and we’re bringing Pinchgut Opera to the Joan Sutherland Theatre for the first time with Handel’s Theodora.

31 Dec 2023 Opera

New Year’s Eve Opera Gala Concert

There’s nowhere in the world like Sydney on New Year’s Eve, so enjoy a few drinks overlooking the magnificent Sydney Harbour before you take your seats for this Opera Gala.

31 Dec 2023 Opera

La Traviata on New Year’s Eve

Dress up to the nines, kick up your heels and leave the crowds behind for a glamorous start to the New Year with a fresh perspective on an opera classic.

Woman in gold ballgown stands away from other partygoers
2 Jan - 14 Mar 2024 Opera

La Traviata

Glamour, riches and a tragic secret: this is the story of a courtesan falling in love. Classic opera with stunning costumes and Verdis outstanding music.

Two cast members wearing long red skirts, one is horizontal in the air attached to an aerial rope, the other assisting her movement
12 - 31 Jan 2024 Opera

Orpheus & Eurydice

Journey to the underworld and back with the grieving Orpheus. Awe-inspiring acrobatics meet Gluck’s exquisite music in this production created with the internationally renowned Circa.

A performer wears a light green blouse with pink eyeshadow looks off camera, the moon and a bird is seen behind her
1 Feb - 16 Mar 2024 Opera

The Magic Flute

Escape into an enchanted world for Mozart’s fabulous adventure. A noble hero and his loveable sidekick must rescue a princess in mortal danger.

Man face up surrounded by water
20 Feb - 15 Mar 2024 Opera


An epic opera about gods and monsters, human frailty and the power of love. Mozart’s genius is on full display.

The cast wears neutral outfits, all holding up a book in their right hand
8 - 9 Feb 2024 Opera

Theodora in Concert

Lose yourself in Handel’s sublime music in this collaboration between the internationally celebrated Pinchgut Opera and Opera Australia.

22 Mar - 21 Apr 2024 Opera

Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour: West Side Story

Experience the greatest score ever written for musical theatre, dynamic dance numbers that soar through the open air, and a love story for the ages.

1 Jan - 16 Mar 2024 Opera

Great Opera Hits 2024

Listen to famous arias performed by some of Opera Australia’s finest opera singers in this relaxed 90-minute concert.