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Creating Leadership in Learning

Creative Leadership in Learning

An innovative Opera House program that embeds creativity into schools. 

Creative Leadership in Learning brings the artistic resources and creative processes of the Sydney Opera House into school eco-systems by increasing creativity, communication, collaboration and curiosity in teaching and learning.

What is Creative Leadership in Learning?

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The Program

The Creative Leadership in Learning program takes schools on a three year journey of discovery, growth and learning.

This flexible program has two main streams of activity:

  1. Immersive professional learning for teachers and Principals
  2. Collaborative art projects between students and Sydney Opera House artists that are developed in the classroom or online, with the opportunity to stage these projects at the Opera House. 

All of the artists are practicing creatives, theatre makers and artistic directors with backgrounds in education and creative learning.

After three years schools will:

  • Have up to 60% of teachers participate in immersive training programs exploring creative learning practices
  • Be experienced at integrating Sydney Opera House programs into their creative learning practices
  • Have attended numerous performances and events at the Sydney Opera House
  • Perform in Amplified Festival at the Sydney Opera House – the annual showcase of work from participating schools 

About Amplified Festival

Amplified is the two-day festival when schools present their major projects from the Creative Leadership in Learning Program. Watch and celebrate how teaching creativity turns up the volume on learning, amplifying the connection between education and art.

Amplified Festival 2019

The performances, foyer activation, and film you are about to watch are the result of two terms of work between Sydney Opera House artists, a class of students and their teachers.

Each school group attended a performance at the Sydney Opera House and used it as the stimulus to create the original work you are about to watch. Each of these works also explores relevant curriculum subjects.

“Creative Leadership in Learning has revolutionised teaching and learning at Casula High School...the potential benefits to the teachers and students are limitless.​”

Andrew Walsh, Teacher, Casula High School

Stream, Read, Listen

Discover more about previous and existing Creative Leadership in Learning experiences...



School kids write migrant family stories into song

Students from Lansvale Public tell history and humour with musician Luke Escombe


Liverpool Boys High rewrites the school curriculum with creativity

Principal Mike Saxon and his students are changing the way we learn

“This is a program you can use to activate whole school change and make creativity the focus of what you do​”

Michael Saxon, Principal, Liverpool Boys High School



What is Creative Leadership in Learning?

An introduction to this innovative program, exploring what happens when creativity thrives in a school over three years. Hear from students, teachers and artists about the impact that Creative Leadership in Learning has had on their lives.

Play media


Planet Home

What does home mean to you? In lieu of singing, students from Lansvale Public School came together and signed in Auslan the words to their original song, Planet Home.



Concealer is a deep dive into the impacts of beauty on Australian young people today.  Artist, Film maker and theatre maker Curly Fernandez worked with Year 9 drama students from Casula High as they responded to Rethinking Beauty, a talk from the All About Women festival in March 2020. 


The Lockdown Heroes

Content creator and film director Roy Weiland collaborated over two terms with Year 8 History and Geography students from St Johns Park High school to create a montage documentary. The film explores the hero’s journey through the student’s own lived experience of the year that has been COVID.


The Hatch, The Children and The Paper Girl

Theatre Artist Alice Osborne and Composer and Film maker James Brown collaborated with Class 4/5L and classroom teacher Ana Langi from Lansvale Public school to create this spectacular film about friendship, adventure and the imagination.


The Mystery of the Mythical Creatures

Sophie Kelly, Performer, Theatre Director and Film Director, collaborated with Katoomba North Stage 2 Grevillias to create one of the highlights of 2020. A haunting story filled with brilliant puppets, skilful FX and an original score composed by the students themselves. 


Isles of Skine

Class 5/6 Skine and teacher Nicole Passalis from Chipping Norton Public School worked with Theatre Maker and Choreographer Sarah Vyne Vassallo and Props Maker Danielle Hollows to create a roving performance. Eight locations across the school were brought to life with site specific performances and installations. 


Creative Ties

See how CLIL benefits not only students, but also the wider school community. Watch how Artist Howard Matthew took Lansvale Public School parents on a creativity deep dive over three terms, and the subsequent impacts on parent and student well-being. This project was one of the unexpected outcomes of the COVID affected school year.

Play media


Spooky Airport

Want to get spooked? Watch Year 3 kids from Campsie Public School take part in the immersive puppetry installation they co-created with artist Kay Yasugi.


Liverpool Boys Takeover 

What happens when the roles are reversed, and children are put in charge of their own education?

The Sydney Opera House took over Liverpool Boys High in a radical three week program where regular lessons were replaced with workshops, mentoring and performances.

Play media


Teachers Tell All 

What do teachers think of the Creative Leadership in Learning program? Watch to find out. 

School kids write migrant family history into song

Luke Escombe collaborated with the students from Lansvale Public School to co-create two songs; Boat of Dreams and Asian Supermarket in a celebration of their identity.

Students performed the songs at Sydney Opera House as part of the 2019 Amplified Festival, then went on to record their work in studio.



Magicast: A Podcast

Burwood Public School

The Great Illusionist


This is what happens when you merge a magic show and podcast. 

Voice over artist and performer Kate Murphy worked with Teacher Trevor O’Neil and his year 5/6 class from Burwood Public School to create MagicCast! 

Kate and class responded to the theatre show The Great Illusionist, exploring magic, maths, performance, writing and so much more! Have a listen to this lovely and at times profound rumination on all things magic. 

“I will never forget this experience and the profoundly positive impact it had upon my students.​”

Katrina Faros, Teacher, Chipping Norton Public School

Meet the team

Tamara Harrison
Frank Newman
Alice Osborne
Curly Fernandez
Howard Mathew
Kate Murphy
Kay Yasugi
Luke Escombe
Sarah-Vyne Vassallo
Sophie Kelly


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To find out more about Creative Leadership in Learning for your school, please contact us:

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