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Resources and activities for the classroom

The Opera House’s learning resources provide inspirational activities to watch, listen and read for students in the classroom or learning at home. Written with your classroom in mind, they’re packed with practical, creative activities designed to provoke ideas and enrich your students’ learning.

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An illustration of a boy in a green shirt and purple pants kneeling, constructing a model of the Sydney Opera House with scissors, glue and ruler around.

2024 Learning Resources

Dance and Architecture

Dance and Architecture uses biomimicry and connections between the engineering of a building and human body to explore choreography, collaboration, the body in public places.

Dance and Architecture supports learning in Dance, Physics and PDHPE.


Dissecting Geometry

Dissecting Geometry explores the design principles used across maths, sculpture, architecture, engineering when building the Opera House. Students work collaboratively and problem-solve to produce new abstracted versions of the building.

Dissecting Geometry supports learning in Mathematics, Visual Arts, Design and Technology and STEM.


Edward the Emu

Edward the Emu explores themes of identity and self-exploration, comparison and contentment, belonging and acceptance, exploring boundaries and taking risks.

Edward the Emu supports learning across English, Creative Arts and PDHPE.

Five dancers wear pink and stand in a diagonal line caught in movement.

Game Theory

Game Theory explores themes surrounding play and its intrinsic ties to human emotion, dynamics and experience, and connections between physical exertion and emotional well-being. Collectively, these themes underscore the transformative power of games, emphasising their influence on individual emotions, societal norms, and group dynamics.

Game Theory supports learning across Dance, Drama, PDHPE, and the Creative Arts.

A shirtless man swimming underwater in a pool wearing a cloth skirt has his face looking up towards the sky,


Horizon presented by Bangarra Dance Theatre invites students to explore the cultural forces that bind us together, across oceans and eons and experience the resilience of the First Peoples of the Oceania region.

Horizon supports learning in Dance, Aboriginal Studies, English, Design and Technology and Drama.


I Wish

I Wish…explores content around health, wellbeing and relationships – belonging, being and becoming – and themes around hopes and dreams, emotions, sensations and moods, difference identity and individuality, acrobatics, movement and dance and exploring colour.

I Wish… supports learning across PDHPE, English, Oral language and communication, and the Creative Arts.

A women dances surrounded by falling paper. She is holding a book and her hair is in braids.

Little Murmur

Little Murmur is an honest and heartfelt conversation about the experience of living with dyslexia, retold for young audiences. It explores themes of identity, expression and learning methods especially in English. The work supports Dance students in developing their own concepts and compositions and for Drama students exploring physicality and personal experience in individual and group performance.


The River that Ran Uphill

The River that Ran Uphill explores content around engagement with the world, the interactions between people, places and environments across a range of scales in order to become informed, responsible and active citizens; and demonstrates key approaches for play building, documentary and environmental theatre and multi-artform performance.

The River that Ran Uphill supports learning across the Creative Arts, Science, Geography, and Drama.


Stories from the Reef

Stories from the Reef enables students to use storytelling and drama-games to learn about science, sustainability, urban Harbour habitats and biodiversity. 

Stories from the Reef supports learning in English, Science, Drama, Dance and Visual Arts.

A young white woman with dark brown hair stands in front of a fabric background, where projections of clouds are being cast. An audience of meditation children and adults lie on pillows in front of her.

What the Ocean Said

What the Ocean Said enables students to experience dreamy electronic music and animation, creative writing and mindfulness, understanding of landscape, habitats and non-human life.

What the Ocean Said supports learning in Science, Geography, English, Drama and Music.


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