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Dance and Architecture Term 2 – 4

13 May – 1 November 2024

In the Centre for Creativity

Sydney Opera House Presents

A Dance and STEAM Workshop for students | Stages 2 - Lower Stage 5 | Designed for students of all ages and abilities, this active workshop enables students to explore the Opera House site, and create choreography within the architecture of the building. Using simple dance and movement approaches, this workshop highlights engineering connections between the human body and the building.

Why can dance include imagination? ‘It can impact other people’s emotions’

Artist and student conversation

Exploring the architecture of the body through dance and movement

This workshop enables students to experience the geometry, engineering, materials and elements of the Sydney Opera House building through a series of movements, dance works and choreography with their bodies. Students consider how architects create buildings for people to inhabit, work, move and explore in urban spaces.

The Sydney Opera House architect Jorn Utzon was inspired by the world around him – the geometry of the wings of a seagull as it took flight; how snow, ice, clouds and sand could inspire the colours and textures of a building; and how the actions of builders and engineers who constructed the Opera House could move to and ‘perform’ the rhythms of the building. Students use these perspectives as they actively participate in this workshop.

In this workshop, students:

  • Use their bodies to create movement and dance sequences, drawing from specific architectural spaces in the Opera House as repositories of physical ‘memories’
  • Build skills and express themselves through physical movement to interpret ideas and communicate through dance
  • Explore their own anatomy through movement and create short choreography on their own and with classmates from their discoveries
  • Learn about biomimicry, and how biomechanics from nature can inspire design and architecture
  • Acquire a deeper appreciation for the design and beauty of the Opera House and feel a physical and personal connection to the site and heritage of the building

Curriculum links

Explore choreography, collaboration, the body in public places and the connection between the engineering of a building and human body in Dance, PDHPE and Mathematics


Learning resources

The Opera House’s learning resources provide inspirational activities to watch, listen and read for students in the classroom or learning at home. 

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