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Dissecting Geometry Term 1 – 3

2 April – 13 September 2024

In the Centre for Creativity


A Visual Arts and STEAM workshop for students | Stages 3 - 6 | Using the Sydney Opera House building as a catalyst for learning, and our Eddie Woo Maths at the Sydney Opera House videos, in this hand on workshop students create abstracted architectural models and drawings that explore the architecture and geometry of this unique heritage icon.

I draw to see things from a new perspective

Student comment

Exploring mathematics through visual arts

Utilising the charismatic and thought-provoking Eddie Woo Maths at the Sydney Opera House videos, students will learn about architecture, perspective, geometry and Jorn Utzon and Ove Arup’s Spherical Solution to gain an understanding of the mechanics, engineering and sheer creativity involved in constructing the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Students develop a series of drawings through observing the structure of the building, and work with archival photographs and objects to dissect the mathematical patterns, additive and pre-fabricated elements of the building to create new or alternative versions of the Opera House. From here, students use installation and sculptural processes to enlarge, distort, emphasise and recreate aspects of the building from different perspectives.

In this workshop students:

  • Create a series of observational sketches, collaborative three-dimensional drawings and small sculptural models that replicate the geometry of the Sydney Opera House
  • Work with their classmates to distort and abstract patterns and structures of the Opera House to create new imagined versions of the Opera House and surrounding buildings
  • Develop an understanding of the Utzon Design Principles, in particular Utzon’s use of additive architecture, counter balance, sculpture and form
  • Interrogate historic and contemporary maps, photographs, drawings and models of the Sydney Opera House and consider how architects, engineers and builders collaborated and problem solved to create the building seen today

Sydney Opera House presents Dissecting Geometry, developed by Sarah Fitzgerald in collaboration with the Creative Learning Team at the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House recognises the work of educator Eddie Woo in developing and delivering Mathematics teaching and learning strategies specific to the Sydney Opera House that have informed the outcomes and activities for this Creative Learning Module.

Curriculum links

Exploring geometry, sculpture, architecture, engineering, collaboration and real-world problem solving techniques in Mathematics, Visual Arts, Design and Technology and STEM.


Learning resources

The Opera House’s learning resources provide inspirational activities to watch, listen and read for students in the classroom or learning at home. 

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Ticket and Travel Subsidy

The Sydney Opera House is committed to providing the very best national and international performing arts experiences to NSW students as part of their educational studies.

The Sydney Opera House Arts Assist program provides the full cost of the Creative Learning performance ticket and $5 per student toward travel costs. School applications are assessed according to socioeconomic disadvantage, schools with special needs and individual responses regarding the School Profile and School Community.

The Sydney Opera House thanks and acknowledges our generous Arts Assist donors; The Greatorex Foundation and Sydney Opera House Ladies’ Committee.

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