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MĀUI Fresh Movement
Term 3

29 August 2024

In the Drama Theatre


First Nations Contemporary Dance for Students | Stages 4 - 6 | Fusing Pacific, Māori, hip-hop and contemporary dance, this celebrated production retells Māui’s legend for students using the language of movement, music, poetry and stunning graphic illustrations.   

MĀUI is a wonderful production that merges the old and the new, offering a dance experience that contains rhythm, narrative, joy and humour.

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An epic journey through Polynesian myth and legend

MĀUI is a vivid tapestry of dance, music, and physical theatre, intricately woven to retell the timeless Pacific legends that have resonated for centuries. At its core, MĀUI is a celebration of strength, growth, leadership, and vulnerability, providing an immersive experience of these tales through an innovative fusion of hip-hop, Pacific, Māori, and contemporary dance forms.

Choreographed by Hadleigh Pouesi, Christopher Ofanoa and Leilani Elliott and featuring an epic cast of over 20 performers, the themes and stories of MĀUI will resonate with students from all cultural backgrounds, and the performance provides an unmissable opportunity to see the dance traditions of multiple Pacific Island nations all together on the Sydney Opera House stage.

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MĀUI explores timeless Pacific legends with a contemporary retelling with an innovative fusion of hip-hop, Pacific, Māori, and contemporary dance forms. At its core, MĀUI is a celebration of strength, growth, leadership, and vulnerability. The performance supports general capabilities and cross curriculum priorities across intercultural understanding, and critical and creative thinking.

MĀUI supports learning across Dance, Music, Drama, Geography and Music.

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