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Teachers resources

Our Teacher Resources are activities and inspiration to prepare your students before coming to see a performance or participate in a digital stream and then unpacking the experience back in the classroom. You should adapt these resources to suit the student age and stage of your class and the outcomes you are focussed on.

They are a creative document for you to bring to life, and are organised by artistic form as well as by show. Exercises that link to other shows may be relevant to your work. Please have a look around.

Use your smart board or device

The exercises directly address students allowing you to bring them up on your smart board. Equally students could use their own device to follow instructions.

Some websites are suggested throughout these resource. It is recommended that you first visit the sites and assess the suitability of the content for your particular school environment before setting the activities based on these

S3 School Risk Assessment Information

The following information is designed to assist schools in planning a visit to Sydney Opera House and preparing a risk assessment and risk management plan. Teachers undertaking a risk assessment and risk management plan should be aware that Sydney Opera House cannot complete the risk assessment for them.