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Resources for students and teachers

The Opera House’s Teacher Resources provide inspirational activities to watch, listen and read for students in the classroom or learning at home. Teachers should adapt these resources to suit the student age, stage and the lesson outcomes desired. 

The resources will kick-start many collaborative conversations with students. From livestreamed talks and tours, to podcasts and videos from past performances, masterclasses and workshops, we've got it covered. Welcome to your House.

What's new

NAIDOC Week 2020

Years K-12

Explore our range of digital content for schools celebrating and acknowledging NAIDOC Week and our Indigenous history and culture. Take a digital tour exploring the history of Bennelong Point, tune in to a panel event for high school students featuring young Indigenous thinkers, or even get hands-on by trying out a damper recipe from head of First Nations programming, Rhoda Roberts. There's so much to share with your students this NAIDOC Week, 8 - 15 November. 

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Introduce your students to classical music, take a jazz masterclass with Herbie Hancock or learn about the creative process for Possum Magic. There's so much to discover.

From our stage to your classroom

Available on demand from our digital season

Sovereign Ideas (Premiere) 

10am, Tuesday 10 November AEDT – Years 9 - 12 

Join a panel of iconoclastic young Indigenous Australian cultural thinkers and leaders including Emily Johnson, Corey Tutt, Lille Madden, and Ryhan Clapham (aka DOBBY) in this unique NAIDOC event for secondary school students. 

There's a Sea in My Bedroom

WATCH NOW – Years 2 - 7

Discover new music for little ears in this beautifully reimagined classic tale, weaving storytelling with an original score performed by musicians from the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Jessica Townsend: Author Talk

WATCH NOW – Ages 8+

Tune in to this inspiring talk about creativity and writing with record-breaking Australian children’s author Jessica Townsend. This talk, recorded in 2018, focuses on Jessica’s second book Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow. 

Shaun Tan

WATCH NOW – Ages 10+

Discover the creative process behind The Red Tree and The Lost Thing, in this talk featuring best-selling Australian children’s author and illustrator Shaun Tan.

Kids Music Café: Around the World (Premiere)

WATCH NOW – Ages 6 months+

Come on a journey around the world in this wonderful introduction to classical music, created especially for your toddler and you! Hear songs from five different continents as you meet the string instruments along the way.

Come on a marvellous maths adventure

Maths of the Sydney Opera House with Eddie Woo

Ages 11+

Join award-winning maths teacher, author and Wootube star Eddie Woo on a marvellous adventure around the Opera House; uncovering the mathematical concepts behind the construction and design solutions of the building. This week in episode 4, learn about fractal geometry and how architect Jørn Utzon took inspiration from the natural environment.

Watch episode 4

Learn the story of the iconic tapestries

The Coburn Tapestries

Years 3 - 11

Discover the famous Coburn tapestries, the Curtain of the Sun and the Curtain of the Moon, the original house curtains for the Opera Theatre and Drama Theatre stages. Learn about the history behind this great Australian story, and get creative with our teacher resources inspired by these iconic works covering Art, Design and Technology, and Textiles curriculum.

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Sustainable futures

The Artificial Reef Project

Ages 8+

Discover what's living in the water around the Opera House, learn about the project to protect it and ways you can help build a more sustainable future!

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Introductions to classical music


George meets the orchestra

Ages 3+

Follow George as he chats with players from the Sydney Youth Orchestra and learns all about the four families of the orchestra – strings, brass, woodwind and percussion.


Karen meets the strings family

Ages 5+

Learn about the string family and how musical techniques can be used to create mood, character and setting with Karen Pang and musicians from the Australian Chamber Orchestra on the set of 'There's a Sea in My Bedroom'. 


Karen and the composers

Ages 5+

Join Karen Pang along with the composers of 'There’s a Sea in My Bedroom' Dr Daniel Blinkhorn and Associate Professor Paul Stanhope as they find out where music comes from, plus learn some fun ways to start your own composition.

Jazz masterclasses with Herbie Hancock and friends

Ages 12+

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock and a number of internationally recognised jazz artists lead a series of masterclasses, exploring the history and artistry of jazz music. 

After more? Read the director of International Jazz Day, Mika Shino share stories about the legendary Miles Davis, Herbie's legacy in music, and the liberating power of jazz. 

Design and creativity


Go behind the scenes of Emil and the Detectives and learn about the set design process 

Ages 12+

In this five part series, designer Wendy Todd explains the set design process using Slingsby Theatre Company's production Emil and the Detectives

Watch now


Learn how to make models inspired by Utzon's own designs

Ages 7+

For our 45th anniversary, we held a series of free workshops for kids, exploring the design principles of architect Jørn Utzon. In this five part series, make mini models and daring constructions. 


Laser Beak Man at the Opera House


Tim Sharp Digital Artist Talk

Ages 9+

We hosted a special digital artist talk for World Autism Day with internationally acclaimed artist and author Tim Sharp. Tim has autism and has won fans from all around the world with his unique sense of humour and original art. Here, Tim appears alongside his mum Judy Sharp, and is interviewed by Jacqueline Marriott.

Watch now 


Through Laser Beak Man's Eyes

Ages 9+

As a fan of the Sydney Opera House, Tim Sharp takes us on a tour of the building and shares with us his unique point of view.

Beauty can be found in diversity, inclusion and looking at the world through the eyes of different people.

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Author talks

Bestselling children's author and illustrator Matt Stanton on creativity 

Ages 4+

Catch up on our exclusive talk with bestselling children's author and illustrator Matt Stanton in celebration of Australian Reading Hour.  Find out where Matt gets his inspiration from, his creative process and why reading and stories are important for development. 

Watch now

Possum Magic illustrator Julie Vivas shares her creative process


Drawing the Magic 

Ages 5+

Take a look at the creative process behind the iconic characters of Hush and Grandma Poss from Possum Magic with illustrator Julie Vivas.

Watch now


Behind the Magic 

Ages 4+

Drawing inspiration form the world around her, join us on a visit to Julie Vivas' home studio to see where the magic happens.  

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Arty Farty – A Podcast for Kids

Our podcast Arty Farty – A Podcast for Kids has been created especially for Kid Creatives. We’re excited to share special moments, insights, tips, tricks and more from kids themselves, and creative types who appear here at the House.

Listen now


Featured episodes

Season 3: House Call

Curious kids phoned us with their questions and we've answered them in this brand new season of Arty Farty with the help of people from the stage and behind the scenes. 


Before the House with Rhoda Roberts

Ages 6+

Hear all about the rich Indigenous history that existed in Sydney long before the Opera House was built. 

Listen on:

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Dinosaurs in the House with Scott Wright

Ages 6+

Have you ever seen a dinosaur at the Opera House?  We have  all kinds of things on its stages, and dinosaurs sound like they could be one of them!

Listen on:

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Houses Guests with Valerie Ng

Ages 6+

Is the Queen the most famous person to have visited the Opera House? Take a journey down into the vaults of the Opera House to talk to the person who’s an expert on all the Sydney Opera House records and photos.

Listen on:

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Season 2: Creative Conversations

Learn about the creative process and inspiration behind well-known artists. These conversations will spark the imagination of children and adults alike.


David Walliams

Ages 6+

David talks about his bestselling novel Billionaire Boy and the unlikely places he's found inspiration.

Listen on:

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Matt Stanton

Ages 4+

Author of the Funny Kids series, listen to how Matt starts getting words onto a page and how important reading is to creating stories. 

Listen on:

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Tim Sharp

Ages 9+

Join Tim and his mum Judy as they discuss Tim's early years being diagnosed with autism, his life as an artist and creator and where this dream has taken him.

Listen on:

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Classic Kids

Ages 2+

Introduce young listeners to musical soundscapes and classical compositions with the Classic Kids podcast and our interactive activity sheets.

Through sounds and storytelling, these resources are designed to help kids learn about the instrument families and develop their musical vocabulary. 

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Inspiring pieces unpacking creativity. 

Students from Liverpool Boys High School experimenting with creativity as part of their curriculum

How do you teach creativity?

Ages 12+

An interview with Paul Stanhope, Australian composer, conductor and educator on how the music in the adaptation of There's a Sea in My Bedroom came together.

Students from Liverpool Boys High School experimenting with creativity as part of their curriculum

Liverpool Boys High rewrites the school curriculum with creativity

Ages 12+

Principal Mike Saxon and his students are changing the way we learn.

One the Bear costume

Black Bear Magic

Ages 14+

We caught up with Candy Bowers and Melbourne rapper P-UniQue to chat the origins of hip hop fairytale One the bear, as well as bear-y important things like teenage identity and hip-hop in Australia. 

School kids write their migrant family stories into song

All ages

In 2019, students from Lansvale Public School co-created two songs with musician Luke Escombe as part of our Creative Leadership in Learning program. 

Watch them sing their shared family history as they record their beautiful ballad and humorous ode to the Asian Supermarket.

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Written resources for teachers

These resources relate to our free live stream tours, workshops and talks for classrooms. 

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