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Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

27 & 28 July 2024

In the Concert Hall

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Classical Music

With the most famous four notes in history, the opening to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony has captivated the world for more than 200 years. Its power has never diminished.

Portraits of Beethoven

Composed while his deafness was becoming overwhelming, and amidst the occupation of Vienna by Napoleon's troops, this was Beethoven's bold statement in defiance of fate. There is always a huge amount to rediscover in this stirring and powerful symphony andin Jaime Martín’s irresistible interpretation, with his trademark energy, Beethoven's extraordinary vision sparkles.

Fifteen years before the Fifth, Beethoven announced himself to Vienna with his First Piano Concerto. Written to showcase his virtuosic playing, its melodic ideas and daring harmonies revealed a unique and astonishing new musical force to the world. In Beethoven, Spanish pianist Javier Perianes makes 'the piano sing and glitter with alert, polished brilliance' (Sydney Morning Herald).

Christopher Sainsbury's String Talk combines Indigenous traditions with Western classical forms, a juxtaposition that invites us to re-examine what we know and love about classical music. Jaime Martín, Javier Perianes, Sainsbury and Beethoven will enchant you from the start.

Presented by Sydney Symphony Orchestra


CHRISTOPHER SAINSBURY String Talk, 50 Fanfares Commission
BEETHOVEN Piano Concerto No.1
BEETHOVEN Symphony No.5

Artist information

Jaime Martín conductor 
Javier Perianes piano 

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