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Ingrid Fliter performsChopin

30 October – 2 November 2024

In the Concert Hall

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Classical Music

Chopin's glittering First Piano Concerto captures the powerful feelings of youth. Written when he was 20, it's one of two works he composed for orchestra.

Romantic adventures

Conducted by Eduardo Strausser, our soloist is the phenomenal Ingrid Fliter. One of the world's most celebrated interpreters of Chopin, she lands every captivating moment.

Felix Mendelssohn exists in the very centre of the musical world. Hugely influential, he was a pivotal figure who would go on to revive Bach's music and champion Schubert, Schumann and Brahms. A prodigious composer from an early age, his Third Symphony was inspired by a visit to Scotland when he was 19. The mountains, moors, castles and keeps loom large in this symphony, which gives way to gorgeous passages that are Mendelssohn at his best. The symphony's rich orchestration is a perfect companion to Chopin's virtuoso concerto.

This concert is full of character and lyrical melodies by two young artists letting their imaginations run free, announcing themselves to the world as bold new voices.

Presented by Sydney Symphony Orchestra


SCHUMANN Manfred: Overture
CHOPIN Piano Concerto No.1
MENDELSSOHN Symphony No.3, Scottish

Artist information

Eduardo Strausser conductor 
Ingrid Fliter piano 

Other information

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