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The World on Wheels

29 November 2024

In the Studio


An inspiring new work by Performing Hearts Theatre, presented by The Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Our cast of fictional characters, all with disability each aim to go on a holiday for a variety of reasons, however disaster strikes before their journey could even really begin and they are left stranded in the Australian outback.

It was very evident the hard work involved in bringing together such a production. It was a wonderful experience.

Penny Graham (audience member)

An adventurous spirit lives within us all

The latest work from Performing Hearts Theatre, ‘The World on Wheels’ is created, written, and performed by 8 people from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, who share their love of theatre while advocating for more representation of people with a disability in the performing arts sector, on the world’s greatest stage, the Sydney Opera House. ‘The World on Wheels’ is an exploration of human relationships, loss, and the impact of isolation in our increasingly hectic lives. It focuses on the importance of connecting with one another, and in doing so, with ourselves. Our unique characters from different walks of life embark a journey which when it turns to turmoil, they realise that they all have more in common than they thought.

Presented by Cerebral Palsy Alliance

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