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Hot Brown Honey THE REMIX

4 – 13 May 2023

Fierce, femme, Global First Nations queens bring the heat in this hilarious, multi-genre cabaret extravaganza. They’re creating change through the power of performance – soulful singing, hypnotic dance and artful storytelling. Fighting the power never tasted so sweet.

Fierce! Femme! Global First Nations!

Steeped in the Word of The Mother and packing a punch of Hip Hop politics, Hot Brown Honey is an extraordinary production that spins tradition on its head, going above and beyond to challenge boundaries and embrace resilience. Equal parts theatrical masterpiece & social activism, a stellar posse of phenomenal World First Nations women smash stereotypes in an unapologetic celebration of our similarities & differences.  So get ready to laugh until you cry, clap until your hands bleed, dance in the aisles and shake every part of what your mama gave you. It’s time to be the change we want to see.

Presented by Sydney Opera House, Hot Brown Honey and Quiet Riot Creative.



Hot Brown Honey THE REMIX

Written by Kim “Busty Beatz” Bowers and Lisa Fa’alafi          

Directed by LISA FA’ALAFI 

Music direction by BUSTY BEATZ

Produced by Quiet RIOT 

Executive Producer Linda Catalano In partnership with Kim “Busty Beatz” Bowers and Lisa Fa’alafi

Technical direction / lighting design by PAUL LIM

Starring: Lisa Fa’alafi aka The Game Changer | Hope Haami aka Hope One The Beatboxer | Alinta McGrady aka The Badass Mother | Lilikoi Kaos aka The Wave Maker | Mayu Muto aka The Gravity Defier | and Ofa Fotu aka The Myth Slayer as a guest in the role of The Queen Bee 

Featuring the voices of: Aunty Nancy Bamaga as The Hive Mother | Rhianna Patrick “The Privilege Test”  | Matriarch Kim Kaos“Aloha Oiii”

Original composition / sound design Busty Beatz 

Additional composition “The Fierce Awakens” by Hope Haami

“Praise to The Mother/Aunties” by Victoria Falconer

“Badass Mutha” by Alinta McGrady. Music by Jhindu-Pedro Lawrie and Luke Daniel Peacock. Produced by Marly Luske

Recorded at Alchemix studio as apart of ‘Blakbeats’ QPAC 2019

Choreography Lisa Fa'alafi with Cast 

Additional choreography “The Privilege Test” by Samantha Williams and  “Pussay Tactics” by Mariah Pelesa

Production design Lisa Fa’alafi, Paul Lim, Tristan Shelley

Set design Tristan Shelly, Paul Lim

Costume design Lisa Fa’alafi and Colleen Sutherland

Costume construction Lisa Fa’alafi, Colleen Sutherland, Millie Adams, Leah Shelton, Jim  Ioannides 

Technical management ADDITIVE

Technical manager Jake Jobling 

Componay manager Colleen Sutherland 

Associate producer (Sydney) Mary Kilduff

Based on the original concept and script "Hot Brown Honey Burlesque" created by Kim ‘Busty Beatz’ Bowers, Lisa Fa’alafi and Candice Bowers. Thank you to all the Honeys that contributed to the journey - 
Juanita Duncan aka The Truth Sayer | Crystal Stacey aka The Peace Maker | Elena Wangurra aka The Soul Soother | Cody Raymond aka The Shapeshifter | Kalala Sione aka The Love Liberator | Seini Taumoepeau | Heru Pinkosova | Sammie Williams | China Woo Allcock | Merlynn Tong | Ben Graetz | Alexis West

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