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Rutger Bregman & Jess Scully: Imagining a future without neoliberalism

Historian Rutger Bregman and curator Jess Scully look at the events of the past year with a pair of fresh eyes and consider new possibilities can we imagine for society, politics, and economics. 

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Kiley Reid on the expectations placed on black writerse

Kiley Reid, author of 2020's bestseller Such a Fun Age, underscores some of the unhealthy expectations placed on black artists by society.

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Jill Lepore: Tracing the origins of American decline

With Jill Lepore. Presidential elections are pivotal in US politics and culture, but 2020 has taken this to the next level. In this radically changing landscape, could we be entering a new world order? Hosted by Damien Cave.

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Queerstories: Sarah Tiong

Sarah Tiong is best known as one of MasterChef Australia's favourite contestants, and a successful author of sensational cookbook Sweet, Savory, Spicy. Growing up in a conservative, traditional Chinese-Malaysian family and carving out a career as a lawyer, Sarah found herself facing challenges and expectations to overcome in order to follow her passion and create her own path.

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How has COVID-19 reset the world?

2020 will go down in history as a year of disruption. From catastrophic bushfires, to a global pandemic that collapsed economies, relationships, and social norms. At ANTIDOTE 2020, three future-facing thinkers, Jessica Irvine, Jefa Greenaway and Rebecca Huntley consider some of the new philosophies emerging from the fray.

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Woman falling on light blue background

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Your Antidote dream dictionary

This entirely unscientific guide will solve all your recurring, subconscious predicaments using the talks and workshops of Antidote 2020.

Jefa Greenaway standing in a construction site, framed between timber poles

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Learning from Country: An Indigenous design perspective

 Ahead of speaking as part of Antidote panel Resetting the World, Jefa Greenaway writes on why it's more critical than ever than we infuse Indigenous perspectives into our everyday design thinking.

Jill Lepore seated on ledge, legs crossed, wearing blue jumpsuit

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Cheat Sheet: Jill Lepore

Our handy compendium for Antidote headliner Jill Lepore – the Harvard historian and New Yorker staff writer with her finger on the US political pulse.

Man nears light at end of a tunnel

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Reasons to be cheerful in 2021

As we prepare to say goodbye to a tumultuous 2020, we asked our Antidote speakers: what are your reasons to be cheerful in 2021?

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Essential summer reads

A handful of essential beach reads for the upcoming sizzling summer, courtesy of the fine minds that are gracing the Opera House stage for this year’s Antidote.


Headshot of Zadie Smith on orange IALS background

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It's a Long Story: Zadie Smith

When 24 year old Zadie Smith published her debut novel, White Teeth, in 2000, she became an instant literary superstar. Two decades and several more novels, short story and essay collections later, her voice remains every bit as relevant.

Headshot of Kimberly Motley

Listen | 36 minutes

It's a Long Story: Kimberly Motley

Not a lot of women get to practice law in Afghanistan, but attorney Kimberly Motley is one of the very few. Raised in a poor, majority black neighbourhood in Milwaukee in America’s midwest, Kimberly has made a career defending particularly difficult cases.

Headshot of Denise Ho on organe background

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It's a Long Story: Denise Ho

LGBTQI activist, and Cantopop singer, Denise Ho was a prominent figure in Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution. Don't miss this exhilarating conversation about politics and resistance to state control.