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Cheat sheets, long reads and photo essays

Headshot of Elizabeth Kolbert

Read | 4 minutes

Cheat Sheet: Elizabeth Kolbert

Our picks of essential writing from environmentalist, author and Antidote headliner Elizabeth Kolbert.

Yanis speaking with soft green filter

Read | 5 minutes

Cheat Sheet: Yanis Varoufakis

Everything you need to know about the influential economist, politician and author Yanis Varoufakis.

Headshot of Elizabeth Kolbert

Read | 3 minutes

Cheat Sheet: Afua Hirsch

Meet Afua Hirsch, the journalist, lawyer and friend-of-Rihanna who’s spearheading complex discussions about British identity. 

Three books side-by-side

Read | 6 minutes

Our Antidote book recommendations for lockdown

Need a book to help you through lockdown? These are the Antidote must-reads according to the Opera House team.

Giant tree cut in shape of bonsai

Read | 3 minutes

Giant Bonsai – A photographic project by Garry Trinh

Artist Garry Trinh’s Giant Bonsai (2011 -) is an ongoing photographic project, digitally presented for Antidote, that celebrates the incidental charms of creative urban vegetation pruning in Sydney.

Afua Hirsch pictured next to the cover of her book

Read | 6 minutes

“I cannot pronounce my name” – An extract from Brit(ish) by Afua Hirsch

In this extract from her book Brit(ish), Antidote headliner Afua Hirsch unpacks the cultural legacy implanted in her name.

Cathy Park Hong and her book minor feelings

Read | 6 minutes

Wes Anderson and white innocence – An extract from Minor Feelings by Cathy Park Hong

In this extract from her book Minor Feelings, Cathy Park Hong argues that Hollywood's fondness for whimsical, stylised nostalgia has led to the whitewashing of traumatic periods of American history.


Highlights and full talks from last year's Antidote

Rutger Bregman & Jess Scully: Imagining a future without neoliberalism

Historian Rutger Bregman and curator Jess Scully look at the events of the past year with a pair of fresh eyes and consider new possibilities can we imagine for society, politics, and economics. 

Watch the full talk

Kiley Reid on the expectations placed on black writers

Kiley Reid, author of 2020's bestseller Such a Fun Age, underscores some of the unhealthy expectations placed on black artists by society.

Watch the full talk

Jill Lepore: Tracing the origins of American decline

With Jill Lepore. Presidential elections are pivotal in US politics and culture, but 2020 has taken this to the next level. In this radically changing landscape, could we be entering a new world order? Hosted by Damien Cave.

Watch the full talk

Queerstories: Sarah Tiong

Sarah Tiong is best known as one of MasterChef Australia's favourite contestants, and a successful author of sensational cookbook Sweet, Savory, Spicy. Growing up in a conservative, traditional Chinese-Malaysian family and carving out a career as a lawyer, Sarah found herself facing challenges and expectations to overcome in order to follow her passion and create her own path.

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How has COVID-19 reset the world?

2020 will go down in history as a year of disruption. From catastrophic bushfires, to a global pandemic that collapsed economies, relationships, and social norms. At ANTIDOTE 2020, three future-facing thinkers, Jessica Irvine, Jefa Greenaway and Rebecca Huntley consider some of the new philosophies emerging from the fray.

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Ideas at the House podcast episodes