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School holidays survival guide

Stuck for winter school holiday ideas? Your Sydney Kids House is bringing the giggles, the fun and the adventure for you and your family over the break.

Sydney Opera House

From the hilarious, but smelly tale of Mr Stink to circus acts performed by kids, for kids, with Spherical, our line-up of awe-inspiring events, activities and workshops will not only get the family off their phones but inspire them with life-long memories. The Sydney Opera House’s winter holiday program is for the parents who want their kids to be awe-inspired, to walk away from this magnificent space with a newfound appetite for art.

This is our guide to surviving the winter break with your sanity, and your kids’ imagination, intact. 

An illustration of a bearded man with stink clouds and a young girl waving

Mr Stink

If you love David Walliams books, boisterous fun and unveiling secrets you’ll love the very smelly tale of… Mr Stink!

1 - 16 July

Ages 6+

David Walliams’ award-winning book comes to life for children 6+! It starts when Chloe makes friends with Mr Stink, the local tramp. When Mr Stink needs a place to stay, Chloe hides him in the garden shed. Now Chloe's got to make sure no one finds out! But there might be more to Mr Stink than meets the eye...

A collage of people showing their circus skills.


If you love when the circus comes to town, knockabout comedy and breathtaking aerials you’ll love… Spherical!

1 - 8 July

Ages 5+

Spherical is a brand new work, brought to you by the fabulous Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Australia's National Youth Circus. Prepare to be amazed by the mind-blowing tricks, the intricate juggling acts and the nail biting aerials inspired by the curves of the Sydney Opera House sails for our 50th anniversary.

Let’s Make a Circus

If you are inspired by Spherical and want to learn circus tricks yourself you’ll love… Let’s Make a Spherical Circus!

3 - 6 July

Ages 9 - 15

In this fun School Holiday workshop, Anni Davey, the Artistic Director of the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, leads a creative workshop exploring the six principles of circus – dexterity, flexibility, agility, strength, balance, and accuracy. No previous circus experience is necessary!

A person weaving a bracelet from coloured jute.

Ngumpie Weaving

If you are creative, hands on and would love to learn Aboriginal weaving techniques you’ll love… Ngumpie Weaving!

8 July

All ages

Learn the importance of weaving and how Aboriginal people have used this craft to weave important things for our people to source food and provide for family. You will also learn about different techniques and how all mobs across Australia use similar ways of weaving.

Alien Invasion

If you want to learn an alien language and find the missing alien lost in the Opera House you’ll love… Alien Invasion!

11 - 12 July

Ages 5 - 9

Join us for a day of imaginative theatre play where we explore how an alien landed upon the Sydney Opera House... You might witness alien sightings, learn an alien language or even review some hilarious ‘alien security footage’, all in the search for our alien friend. Together, we will find the best ways to draw out our shy little aliens and return them to their alien families.

Two men holding guitars and a woman with them.

The Magic Garden

If you love music and want to learn how to write your own songs, you’ll get down and groovy with… The Magic Garden!

13 July

Ages 4 - 9

Join the award-winning children’s band for a journey into the magic garden of the human imagination. Learn about vocal warm-ups and sweet harmonies from Ru Barb, feast on songwriting secrets from Aspara Gus, get groovy with Sir Paul McCarrotney, and then use what you’ve learnt to help the band write something fresh and new

A woman standing in the foyer pointing her finger.

Junior Adventure Tour

If you have a curious mind and love exploring you’ll love… the Junior Adventure Tour

Embark on a journey behind the curtain and discover how the magic of theatre comes to life on this one hour behind the scenes adventure filled with fun facts, crazy stories and guessing games. Walk away wide eyed with plenty of fun facts up your sleeve to share with your friends.

House Canteen

If you have worked up an appetite don’t forget to visit… House Canteen!

Stop by one of our relaxed harbourside restaurants for a delicious junior lunch, and even an adult version too (if that’s what you fancy). There is plenty to choose from, including fresh kid-friendly options at our new Asian-inspired dining venue, House Canteen, to your family favourites like pizza at Opera Bar

Or fancy a picnic? Make a day of it and grab a Kids Lunch Pack from Portside to enjoy wherever you please! The Royal Botanical Gardens are only a short walk away. 

'Sydney Opera Mouse' book with a mouse standing outside the Sydney Opera House.

Pick up a souvenir

If you would like to get a souvenir to remember your special day check out… the Sydney Opera House shopVisit our shop at the Lower Concourse (or jump online) to explore our range of gifts and souvenirs including our playful kids collection of backpacks, coin purses, LEGO and colouring books, and much more!

Top tip: Settle in for storytime as Zindzi Okenyo reads Sidney Opera Mouse (thanks to our partner Mastercard) and then purchase your very own copy to read at home. 

Arty Farty Podcast

If you are needing a day at home and want to get a bit creative you’ll love listening to… the Arty Farty podcast!

Our podcast series Arty Farty – A Podcast for Kids has been created especially for Kid Creatives. We’re excited to share special moments, insights, tips, tricks and more from kids themselves, and creative types who appear here at the House. Before watching Mr Stink, listen to how author of the best-selling book, David Walliams finds his inspiration in Episode 2: David Walliams!

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