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Our storyDecade of Renewal

The Sydney Opera House has been renewed for future generations of artists, audiences and visitors in a complex, far-reaching period of transformation that touched all corners of this iconic building.

Generously funded by the NSW Government, our decade of renewal, worth almost $300 million, has been an opportunity to retune a masterpiece of the 20th century into a stage for the 21st. The goal was clear: to open up to more of the community and to live up to the promise of the building itself.

Since work began at our 40th anniversary in 2013, we have improved access, amenity and safety, strengthened capacity and dramatically enhanced our performance spaces. This has been our largest series of capital works in five decades, ranging from the removal of vehicles on the Forecourt to the new Centre for Creativity to the upgraded Joan Sutherland Theatre and Concert Hall.

Along the way, we have deepened our connection with the community, driving engagement and welcoming a variety of audiences with greater digital investment and First Nations storytelling, plus an expanded schedule of contemporary music, talks and ideas, and children’s programming.

COVID-19 struck at a critical time, causing delays across the construction industry, further complicating an already complicated project. But we pressed on, harmonising technological innovations with the features that make the World Heritage-listed institution so unique.

It’s been a triumph of human creativity and collaboration – much like the Opera House itself.