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Create the Life of Your Dreams in Your Teens with Kylie Captain and Tyrell Johnson

14 March 2024

In the Utzon Room

Join us and Kylie Captain, proud Gamilaroi author and renown educator whose books and journals are positively impacting the lives of many. Invite your students to hear transformative stories of personal resilience and success in what promises to be a transformative excursion. 

All participating students will receive a free copy of the book Create the Life of Your Dreams in Your Teens

Making a difference, one student, one school, and one organisation at a time.

Kylie Captain

A Motivational Guide to Unlock Potential & Achieve Success

Are you a teen who is ready to make a positive change but unsure how or where to start?

Or perhaps you’re someone with teens in your life who you’d like to inspire and motivate with real-life stories and inspiration.

Teenage years can be challenging, and the expectations that are placed on young people can seem overwhelming.

Proud Gamilaroi mother and son, Kylie Captain and Tyrell Johnson bring you this powerful book filled with inspiration and practical advice to help you unlock potential and turn your dreams into reality.

Whether it’s improving relationships, becoming more organised, achieving academic success, navigating challenges, dealing with stressors, or dreaming up your perfect career, this book will serve as a guide to help you stay motivated. Discover how to harness the power of your mind to unlock your full potential with this easy-to-read combination of chapters and short, sharp bits and pieces that you can read in just a few minutes.

Presented by Sydney Opera House

Kylie Captain

Kylie Captain is a proud Gamilaroi author and educator raised in the inner-city suburbs of Redfern and Waterloo whose work has not only impacted the lives of many across Australia but has also touched readers worldwide. Kylie is the Founding Director of Dream Big Education Wellbeing & Education and holds the position of President at the Aboriginal Studies Association. Kylie serves as a board director and over the past two decades, has had an impressive career in Aboriginal education, finance and community services. Kylie’s facilitates Aboriginal cultural capability training and high-impact professional learning for teachers and leaders. Her dedication for nurturing young people is evident in her inspiring student workshops and keynote addresses nationally. Through her writing, Kylie openly shares her personal story of loss and circumstance, revealing the inner strength and inspiration that enabled her to overcome her challenges and now live a life of freedom and choice. Along with her own grit and determination, Kylie attributes her success to the power of education and the difference a teacher made. Kylie went on to co-author her second book with that teacher, Dr Cathie Burgess. Kylie’s aims to use her life experiences and adversities to inspire others and have a positive impact on the lives of many – one student, one school, and one organisation at a time. 

Tyrell Johnson

Tyrell Johnson is dedicated to empowering others through education, encouragement, and wealth-building initiatives. With a background in supporting both the academic and wellbeing of students, he has significantly impacted the lives of many. As an author, Tyrell has used his experiences to create positive change. His writing delves into themes that inspire personal growth, resilience, and self-discovery. Tyrell is a Director and Facilitator at Dream Big Education Wellbeing & Consulting where he manages the business and facilitates workshops based on the topics of this book. He brings a wealth of experience from working in schools across South-West Sydney. In addition to his writing, Tyrell has ventured into property acquisition and sales. Through his role, he actively works to build generational wealth in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. His journey exemplifies the transformative power of education and the potential for lasting impact through generational wealth. 

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