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Against a yellow background a cartoon conductor wearing black with white shirt cuffs holds up a baton. An orange, green and purple rainbow with musical notes is coming from it.

Introduce Your Family to the Magic of the Orchestra

16 July 2023

In the Concert Hall

Classical Music

All Ages | The discovery of true magic starts when the Sydney Symphony Orchestra presents Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House.

Start a journey of musical discovery where everyone can learn the fun sounds of the orchestra in this Sydney Symphony Orchestra family-friendly concert.

Benjamin Britten’s famous work is a captivating introduction to the orchestra, as it explores how musicians play instruments and the sounds each instrument makes. It’s an exciting journey from the highest notes to the lowest, from the bright blasts of brass to the silky shimmer of the strings, from the rumbling power of percussion to the smooth sound of the woodwinds.

Luke Carroll (Play School) will be your narrator, as the Sydney Symphony explore the whole orchestra section by section, then put it back together again to show how we make our big, powerful sound.

Finally, you can hear how the orchestral sound is used with performances of two famous pieces: John Williams’ rousing theme for Indiana Jones and the enchanting song Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen!

It’s a family event designed for ages 5-12.


Benjamin BRITTEN 
Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra
Let it Go – from Disney’s Frozen
 Raiders of the Lost Ark


Presented by Sydney Symphony Orchestra

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