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A man with white hairs and in black suit singing on the stage.

Mozart’s Great Mass in C Minor

7 - 10 June 2023

In the Concert Hall

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Classical Music

Brilliant conductor Maasaki Suzuki directs Mozart’s powerful Great Mass in C minor, showcasing the genius composer at the very height of his powers.

Visionary & dramatic

The powerful Great Mass in C minor reveals Mozart at the height of his brilliance, mercurial as ever as he confronts formidable themes with fantastic writing. A work of mysterious origins, the Great Mass is a layered, shimmering tapestry. Moods shift constantly, sometimes dazzling, sometimes movingly sombre. It’s a soul wrestling with what it means to be alive. Maybe that’s why we are drawn back to this masterpiece.

Conductor Masaaki Suzuki, an expert in choral repertoire, negotiates this enormous work with a striking vision, allowing us to connect with this music of transcendent beauty.

In contrast, enjoy the sparkling wit of Mozart’s gripping overture from Don Giovanni – a story of a young playboy who ends up in hell. Together with his Linz Symphony this program offers an unforgettable glimpse of Mozart’s irrepressible genius.


Don Giovanni: Overture
Symphony No.36, Linz
Mass in C minor, The Great


Masaaki Suzuki

Sara Macliver

Rachelle Durkin

Nicholas Jones

David Greco

Sydney Philharmonia Choirs

Presented by Sydney Symphony Orchestra

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