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The Music of Hans Zimmer

22 - 24 June 2023

In the Concert Hall

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Classical Music

Experience the awesome power of Hans Zimmer’s film scores performed live in concert by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and conductor Nicholas Buc.

From the enormous worlds of BatmanGladiator and Inception, the swashbuckling flair of Pirates of the Caribbean, to the iconic Lion King, you can feel the full power of this extraordinary music and relive the defining moments of these beloved films at the Sydney Opera House.

Popular Art of the Score podcasters Andrew Pogson, Dan Golding and Nicolas Buc will guide you deep into the world of these film scores in this unique concert event. 


ZIMMER Sherlock Holmes – Discombobulate
ZIMMER Driving Miss Daisy Suite
ZIMMER/BADELT Pirates of the Caribbean Suite
ZIMMER The Thin Red Line – Journey To The Line
ZIMMER The Holiday – Maestro
ZIMMER Inception Suite
ZIMMER The Lion King Orchestra Suite
ZIMMER/POWELL Kung Fu Panda – Oogway Ascends
ZIMMER The Da Vinci Code – Chevaliers de Sangreal
ZIMMER/HOWARD Batman Begins – The Dark Knight Suite
ZIMMER Interstellar Suite
ZIMMER/GERRARD Gladiator Suite


Nicholas Buc

Art of the Score

Andrew Pogson

Dan Golding

Jacqueline Dark

Presented by Sydney Symphony Orchestra

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