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1 Sep 2019

You are invited to Antidote 2019, a festival of ideas, action and change.

This year, our speakers and doers will curate their life changing ideas to challenge the march of alternative facts. Our focus is the impact an individual can have on their local and global worlds when they seek to bring hope.

After her stellar first year at the 2018 festival, we are delighted to be curated for the second year by Edwina Throsby, who was previously TEDxSydney Head of Curation, and founding producer of ABC TV’s Big Ideas, and for the first time, partner with the recently established Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas. 

We know you seek change, and are ready to roll your sleeves up to get it. Join us at Antidote where we’ll give you the tools to succeed.

Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas

The new Institute’s support for Antidote reflects its commitment to quality journalism and lively public discussion of the big issues shaping Australia and the world. The purpose of the Institute is to support and celebrate quality journalism in Australia and around the world during a period of historic transformation for the media industry. Through its grants and education programs, the Institute provides resources that help journalists and media organisations develop the skills and knowledge to produce outstanding work. 


Go behind the scenes and read up on the remarkable speakers and thinkers of Antidote 2019.

ANTIDOTE is here.

In this special episode of It’s a Long Story, host and Antidote festival curator Edwina Throsby is interviewed by Sydney Morning Herald Editor Lisa Davies about the 2019 lineup.

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