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29 Nov

You are invited to Antidote, a festival of ideas, action and change.

2020 has transformed the world, inspiring us to reset and rethink the way we live. Antidote gives us a chance to come together as a community, reflect on what we’ve learned, and focus on the future we want to create. 

In its fourth year Antidote’s lineup of talks, workshops, visual arts and immersive experiences invites leading thinkers and makers to consider the world’s big problems, and possible solutions. If our world is full of difficult, overwhelming challenges, Antidote is inspired by the hope that we can all act to make it better. 

We know you’ve experienced a year like no other, and are ready to wave goodbye to the wild ride that was 2020. Join us at Antidote as we gather, reflect and move forward. 

For the first time this year, you will have the option to purchase digital tickets to experience the festival online. More information to be released soon. 

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Countdown to ANTIDOTE


The End of America?
Jill Lepore & Damien Cave
Presidential elections are pivotal in US politics and culture, but 2020 has taken this to the next level. In this radically changing landscape, could we be entering a new world order?
Reasons to be Cheerful
Rutger Bregman & Jess Scully
A cynical view sees humanity as bad by nature. But what if we're not selfish, but instead inherently good, hopeful, and kind? Could this understanding change everything? Find out at Antidote.
Make a Mini Garden
Get creative with plant life and bring a touch of nature to your home with this fun, hands-on and interactive workshop taught by Rachel Gleeson of Ivy Alley nursery at Antidote.